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Hollis M. Lamon, AIF, President of Two Atlanta-Based Investment-Advising Companies

Hollis M. Lamon, AIF, is an expert in his field of Investment Management, and the President of two firms in Atlanta, GA. He has been awarded the Accredited Investment Fiduciary Designation from the Center for Fiduciary Studies.

The AIF designation responsibility signifies training in fiduciary responsibility.

The course taken to receive this accreditation is followed by a rigorous examination. The Center that grants it is associated with the Cap Center for Capital executive education program at the Joseph M. Katz graduate school, and teaches fiduciary standards of care and investment practices designed for trustees and investment professionals.

Mr. Lamon is President of one of the largest investment advising firms to private companies throughout the Southeast, Lamon & Stern. It was founded in 1979 and has acquired an impressive list of partners due to its success through the years. Lamon & Stern are aided greatly by their ability to utilize an open architecture program, and the team works hand in hand with third party marketers and administrative firms.

Hollis is also President of Strategic Advisors, Inc., a registered investment advisor firm. He specializes in working with companies and their employees to assist them in preserving capital, increase their income and advise them on investments to minimize risk.



Hollis Lamon Describes How He Keeps Up With Fiduciary Standards

Hollis Lamon of Lamon & Stern, Atlanta explains to PLANADVISER that "Serving a retirement plan is a long-term commitment. Keeping up with the fiduciary standards isn’t easy, you’ve got to stay on top of it."

"First, many plan sponsors don’t know the difference between a 3(16), a 3(21) or a 3(38) fiduciary and the functions each one provides. We want to make sure the plan sponsor understands these roles." 

Lamon continues with some more key points:

  • The first thing we do is determine the comfort level of the plan sponsors and what goals they have for their plan. Do they want us to advise participants? Are we acting as a 3(21)? Do we outsource to Iron Financial as a 3(38)? Do they want to take some responsibility for investment decisions, or do they want to completely outsource investment selection and monitoring?
  • Most of the plan sponsors out there we have found are having trouble making sure that the notices and all the right summary plan descriptions and notices of change of investment options to participate are being sent not only to their active employees, but to the employees who have moved on and still have remaining balances with the plan.
  • As far as 3(16) goes, we’ve got Pension Financial Services, and they are great—a third-party administrator (TPA) that we use a lot that will step in to handle the administrative functions of a 3(16), overseeing the mailings and the notices.



About Hollis M. Lamon of Lamon & Stern

Hollis M. Lamon is the President of the Atlanta-based Lamon & Stern Investment Management Team. This broker dealer was founded in 1979 and is one of the largest investment advisors to private companies throughout the Southeast. Hollis is also is a registered municipal principal, a registered options principal and a registered investment advisor.

Lamon graduated from Mercer University with an emphasis in political science which resulted in his working as a tax aide for Senator Sam Nunn in Washington after graduation. He also has been awarded the Accredited Investment Fiduciary Designation from the Center for Fiduciary Studies. The AIF designation responsibility signifies training in fiduciary responsibility. Hollis also maintains the Plan Sponsor Retirement Professional designation.

Mr. Lamon is today involved in a multitude of civic endeavors including a new Atlanta Young Life initiative to aid students enrolled at inner city schools, and is a frequent speaker at employee benefits and estate planning seminars throughout the country. Hollis has also served as a panel member at various pension conferences.

Mr. Lamon is married to the former Jane Threlkeld of Atlanta, Georgia and has two sons, Hunter and Austin.




Hollis Lamon explains to PLANADVISER that open architecture and investment flexibility are important in their choice of provider. One of the things that he really likes about the Nationwide platform is the fact that, for investors who may be a little outside the box, Nationwide offers a fund window that they can go through without affecting the core group of funds. The fund window enables a participant to choose from any of the investment options, without the expense of a self-directed brokerage feature.

"We also want a partner who can support us. Creating a healthy plan takes more than just plan features, so we want a partner who can help us provide educational programs and support us on the ground," says Lamon. He wants a plan provider who has that capability, particularly because his firm works in all markets: large plans, mid-sized plans and small plans.

"We also look for transparency," states Hollis:

The Flexible Advantage program has ClearCredit, a feature Nationwide has offered since 2008, where everybody knows and understands their fees. It precisely returns revenue sharing on a participant level, meaning no one participant is subsidizing another participant based on his or her investment selections.

Lamon adds that in addition to the retirement program features, he really likes that Nationwide brings a strong brand name associated with financial stability, and by pairing that with his services, it creates a great combination that works with clients in any size plan, from the sale and installation through the long-term service and retention.

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Hollis M. Lamon, AIF: List of Current Positions and Awards Received

Mr. Hollis M. Lamon, AIF is the President of Lamon & Stern, a broker dealer based in Atlanta, Georgia, founded in 1979 and specializing in institutional trading and execution for a variety of investment professionals. Mr. Lamon is also President of Strategic Advisors, Inc., a registered investment advisor firm.

He has also the following awards and titles:

  • Mr. Lamon is a registered municipal principal, a registered options principal and a registered investment advisor.
  • Hollis has been awarded the Accredited Investment Fiduciary Designation from the Center for Fiduciary Studies (AIF).
  • Hollis also maintains the Plan Sponsor Retirement Professional designation.


Hollis Lamon Explains How He Keeps Retirement Plan Sponsors Happy

Hollis Lamon of Lamon & Stern in Atlanta believes that in today’s marketplace, it is especially important to be very hands-on, considering many participants don’t have their own financial adviser.

Managing Editor of PLANADVISER Lee Barney asks how the company plans to keep retirement plan sponsors happy. Lamon explains that they want to make sure they educate not only the participants, but the plan sponsors as well. They aim to offer retirement plan sponsors the flexibility of a very open platform, while ensuring they retain control of how the plan is managed. He says this is because some plan sponsors want a lot of control over the process, while others want very little, and partnering with the right provider to build something unique for each client is critical.

Hollis further explains: "We also need to provide excellent service by making sure that the plans are compliant, that all the proper notices are being sent out to participants and sponsors, so everyone is well-informed and able to make good decisions."

In addition to doing a thorough job, Nationwide assists Lamon & Stern in making sure that they follow through on the education plan developed for each plan sponsor. "We focus on taking excellent care of our plans, making sure that everyone is acting in the best interest of the participants," says Lamon.

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It's important to develop a suitable asset allocation using broadly diversified funds.

Vanguard and Lamon & Stern

The Vanguard Group, Inc.:
A sound investment strategy starts with an asset allocation suitable for the portfolio's objective.
The allocation should be built upon reasonable expectations for risk and returns, and should use diversified investments to avoid exposure to unnecessary risks. READ MORE at Vanguard

Minimize the possibility of loss and finance all goals using low-risk investments.

Stocks are risky—and so is avoiding them

Stocks are inherently more volatile than investments such as bonds or cash instruments. This is because equity owners are the first to realize losses stemming from business risk, while bond owners are the last. In addition, whereas bond holders are contractually promised a stated payment, equity holders own a claim on future earnings. But the level of those earnings, and how the company will use them, are beyond the investor's control. Investors thus must be enticed to participate in a company's uncertain future, and the "carrot" that entices them is higher expected or potential return over time.

Contact Hollis Lamon today for all diversification questions.

Diversification is a powerful strategy for managing traditional risks.


Hollis Lamon, President of Lamon & Stern in Atlanta, Shares Their Impressive List of Partners

Lamon and Stern is a well known and accredited investment fiduciary with many years of experience in the field of corporate retirement advisement and 401k planning who provides qualified 401k fee comparisons for companies that are shopping around for the best rates. Due to their outstanding reputation in the field of financial forecasting, Lamon and Stern has amassed an impressive list of partners, which include:

  • Great West
  • Iron Financial
  • Principal
  • Hartford
  • Aspire
  • Matrix   
  • Pension Financial Resources
  • Thornburg Investment Management
  • CLS Investments
  • Nationwide Financial
  • Nationwide On Your Side Retirement Planner



Advice from Hollis Lamon to Advisers on How to Grow Retirement Plan Business

PLANADVISER asks Hollis Lamon, President of Atlanta's Lamon & Stern, what he views to be the greatest opportunity for retirement plan advisers currently. He says it’s not only helping people understand the ins and outs of how a 401(k) works and its benefits, but also things like how much to contribute to take advantage of the employer match and other features. There are also other specifics such as what to do if a participant changes employers. Many choose to roll into an individual retirement account (IRA), but that may not always be the best option, since there may be a loan feature available if the participant moves into the new 401(k). This all needs to be explained better to participants.

"When we started working with retirement plan participants, we quickly realized that there was a tremendous need for advisers who actually spend time with both plan sponsors and participants," says Lamon.

Hollis focuses on the fact that there’s a lot of work that goes into working with both plan sponsors and the participants, making sure everyone is doing everything correctly. He suggests that advisers should be proactive with their plan sponsors to make sure that they look out for their needs. He also recommends that younger people getting started in the business should partner with experienced advisers.

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IRON Financial - Plan Profile

IRON Financial : Plan Profile

Plan Investments & Balances
Plan sponsors are able to view a summary of all approved investment options and the overall balances.  For easy reference the available plan investments have built-in informational links to the investments.

Quarterly Fiduciary Investment Review Package
This is a quarterly review that monitors fund performance on multiple levels and details actionable items, if any, for the coming quarter.

The report insures that the investments in the plan are in accordance with guidelines detailed in the Investment Policy Statement. 

Investment Policy Statement
We work with the plan trustees and investment committee to review or develop a comprehensive Investment Policy Statement (IPS).  The IPS provides the guidelines and standards utilized in the selection of the plan's investment alternatives asset classes, and provides a basis for the periodic evaluation of the performance of these investment alternatives.  We also aid the client in selecting the actual funds that will be offered within each asset class.  As part of our investment services offering, we also screen and develop a diversified range of investment alternatives to meet your participants' needs (with model portfolio allocation if applicable). 

Investment Monitoring
We provide our clients ongoing support with an Investment Policy Monitoring (IPM) report comparing the plan's investment alternatives offered to the standards outlined in the IPS, and measured against their corresponding asset class peer groups.  As needed, we guide the client through the process of replacing investments and communicating these changes to plan participants.

Hollis Lamon
Lamon & Stern
Atlanta, Georgia

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