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Hollis Lamon Explains How He Keeps Retirement Plan Sponsors Happy

Hollis Lamon of Lamon & Stern in Atlanta believes that in today’s marketplace, it is especially important to be very hands-on, considering many participants don’t have their own financial adviser.

Managing Editor of PLANADVISER Lee Barney asks how the company plans to keep retirement plan sponsors happy. Lamon explains that they want to make sure they educate not only the participants, but the plan sponsors as well. They aim to offer retirement plan sponsors the flexibility of a very open platform, while ensuring they retain control of how the plan is managed. He says this is because some plan sponsors want a lot of control over the process, while others want very little, and partnering with the right provider to build something unique for each client is critical.

Hollis further explains: "We also need to provide excellent service by making sure that the plans are compliant, that all the proper notices are being sent out to participants and sponsors, so everyone is well-informed and able to make good decisions."

In addition to doing a thorough job, Nationwide assists Lamon & Stern in making sure that they follow through on the education plan developed for each plan sponsor. "We focus on taking excellent care of our plans, making sure that everyone is acting in the best interest of the participants," says Lamon.

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