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Anyone who has taken a thorough look at the major areas of his or her financial life, (such as insurance, tax management, estate planning, and capital accumulation),needs to carefully plan in order to ensure that all of the pieces are working together to produce the most favorable results.

Soon-to-be retirees need to develop and follow a retirement income plan that balances current lifestyle and long-term sustainability of the retirement portfolio.
Our Road of Retirement series provides some best practices for accomplishing this balance.

Lamon & Stern can help you reach those results with in depth evaluation of your financial profile. This includes an assessment of every aspect of your financial life and provides you with detailed, interactive recommendations. 

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What is corporate bond?

A corporate bond is a debt security issued by a corporation. Corporate bonds are taxable and have more credit risk compared to Treasuries. The Citigroup Long-Term High Grade Corporate Bond index includes those issues from the Credit Index that have at least 10 years to maturity (long term) but exclude asset-backed securities and non-U.S. sovereign/provincial issues.


FINANCIAL PLANNING TERMS...Government Bonds aka Treasuries

What is a government bond?
What is a treasury bond?

Government bonds, or Treasuries, are negotiable debt obligations of the U.S. Government, secured by its full faith and credit and issued at various schedules and maturities. Income from Treasury securities is exempt from State and local, but not Federal, taxes. Treasury bill data is based on a one-bill portfolio containing, at the beginning of each month, the bill having the shortest maturity not less than one month. Intermediate government bond data is based on a one-bond portfolio with a maturity near five years. Long-term government bond data is based on a one-bond portfolio with a maturity near twenty years.



Ask us how to build
cash flow for your
Lamon & Stern, Inc., in partnership with Thornburg Investment Management Funds, offers strategies for building retirement wealth.  Every month, on this blog, we will supply insight into THE PROCESS OF MANAGING RETIREMENT INCOMES.

Our ROAD OF RETIREMENT series will cover:
>> The Language of Retirement Income Planning
>> Preserving Purchasing Power
>> Sequence of Returns & Reverse Dollar Cost
>> Endowment Spending Policy
>> Building a Cash Flow Reserve Ladder
>> The Values of Dividends in Retirement
>> Converting Savings into Monthly Spending

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