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A Letter To Our Planned Sponsor | ERISA

Dear Plan Sponsor,

As a Plan Sponsor of a qualified retirement plan, we know that you are being constantly bombarded by representatives in our business who insist that they can assist you with your Retirement Plan.

As a broker dealer Lamon & Stern, Inc. can and will help you and your company by providing a thorough review of your existing plan including your investment policy statement and your fiduciary practices.

Most Plan Sponsors are not aware of all the fiduciary responsibilities and requirements that have been imposed by ERISA (Employee Retirement Income Security Act).  ERISA was enacted to protect participants and beneficiaries in retirement plans and Plan fiduciaries must follow ERISA's standards properly to perform their duties to avoid potential liability.  I have enclosed a pamphlet, "The Success Quiz", which will allow you to review your current practices and determine the level of your fiduciary success.  It is not uncommon for Plan Sponsors to score poorly on this quiz; which means that you have some weakness that needs to be corrected to improve your fiduciary practices.

The "Success Quiz" is a brief overview of the requirements that a fiduciary should be following in order to meet the requirements imposed by ERISA.  If you will take the time necessary to review this quiz, we will be glad to setup a mutually convenient time to review your results and provide you with a more extensive Fiduciary Handbook which will help you in establishing and maintaining a well thought out and compliant fiduciary program.  In addition, we will also review the new regulations which have been released by the Department of Labor aimed at helping plan sponsors know and understand the various fees that are associated with their retirement programs.

Lamon & Stern works very closely with Pension Financial Services, Inc. ("PFS"), a local consulting and administration firm.  PFS has been providing services to Plan Sponsors throughout the Southeastern U.S. since 1982 and is certainly one of the largest firms of its kind.  PFS specializes in qualified retirement programs and the principals and consultants in that firm have over 150 years of combined experience.  As a team, Lamon & Stern, Inc. and PFS will also offer a no cost, and no obligation review of your current plan design and your fiduciary practices.

My office will set up an appointment with myself and Earle Garvin, President and CEO of Pension Financial Services to review your plan and discuss any gaps you may have in your plan's compliance with ERISA.


Hollis Lamon
Lamon & Stern, Inc.



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Offering financial solutions and retirement planning services to Florida, Georgia, Arkansas, North Carolina, Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi, Virginia, Tennessee, Kentucky, South Carolina, and West Virginia.