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IRON Financial - Co-Fiduciary Services Best Fits Both the Company and the Advisor's Needs

IRON Financial : Co-Fiduciary Services

An Independent Fiduciary

IRON is a truly and completely independent fiduciary.  We receive no compensation from the mutual funds we select, and accordingly we have no hidden agenda and do not "push" particular investments.  This is in sharp contrast to many other providers, who are compensated by the mutual funds they select for your plan.  IRON has, and always will, consider this conflict of interest that does not allow for truly unbiased advice.  IRON is recognized by Barron's magazine as a "Top 100 Independent Financial Advisor".  (2007 – 2010)

IRON Financial's Co-Fiduciary Services Best Fits Both the Company and the Advisor's Needs

With IRON, retirement plans can have a platform that meets the demands of the company and the employees.

IRON Added Value
  • Independent investment selection, monitoring and replacement in accordance with the plan Investment Policy Statement
  • Communication with the broker of record and plan sponsor from the point of sale forward
  • Quarterly newsletter with educational materials and plan investment performance, if requested

Custodial Platform Value
  • Index based Target Date and "Risk" based investments
  • Fund window that allows participants to access all available mutual funds
  • Self directed brokerage – employees can direct their own accounts as they see fit
  • Web-based educational and fiduciary tools
  • Quarterly and annual plan fiduciary reviews
  • Complete transparency with fee disclosure

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