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Road of

The road of retirement should be paved with more than good intentions. Soon-to-be retirees should develop and follow a retirement income plan that balances current lifestyle with the long-term sustainability of the retirement portfolio.

Retirees and their advisors should thoughtfully establish a spending plan to balance the desire to maintain a consistent lifestyle with preserving assets for a retirement that could last 30 to 40 years.

The Road of Retirement series provides some best practices for accomplishing this balance.
Transitioning retirees' financial planning from the savings or accumulation phase to the distribution phase takes on a language of its own. This article defines the "new" terminology that we use throughout the Road of Retirement series.
Longer life expectancies can present a number of new challenges for retirement. One such challenge is the potential loss of purchasing power due to the eroding effects of inflation. This article can shed light on some of the preparations that may provide retirement portfolios with the ability to keep pace with inflation over the long term.
Historical average returns mean very little to a retirement portfolio undergoing the stress of systematic withdrawals. Understanding how a series of returns is realized can impact how a retirement plan should be structured. Here we discuss the impact a series of poor returns and the need to sell assets at inopportune times could have on  a retirement portfolio.
Implementing a policy that determines a retiree's annual spending amount can be difficult, especially during periods of high inflation or a bear market. Adopting an endowment spending policy may be an attractive alternative for many  retirement income plans. This article discusses the Endowment Spending Policy and the Lifestyle Spending Policy.
Structuring a retirement savings portfolio using a cash flow reserve ladder is a technique that matches liquidity needs with investment horizons. A cash flow reserve is established to fund up to twenty-four months of spending. The balance of the portfolio is invested in a combination of fixed income and equity investments with longer-term investment horizons.
Soon-to-be retirees should look past current yield when considering income alternatives for retirement. A globally-focused, high and growing dividend strategy may provide retirees with a growing dividend income stream and the opportunity for price appreciation with which to outpace inflation.
Using a defined process to convert retirement savings into a monthly spending should be the cornerstone of every retirement income plan. Balancing the desire to increase income from the portfolio without foregoing the potential for price appreciation takes planning.


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Following these strategies does not assure or guarantee sustainability of a retirement portfolio or better performance, nor do they protect against investment losses.

The views expressed in these articles are subject to change.

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