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Financial Benchmarking and Why it is Important To You

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In life it may not be wise to try to keep up with the Joneses but in the business world it can be the hallmark to success, especially in the realm of benchmarking. 

In a nutshell, benchmarking  is a  process by which a business analyzes its own internal strengths and weaknesses and then compares themselves with  companies that are successful in areas they find lacking.   

By  utilizing the tools of  those who have succeeded where they had failed, businesses can very well improve.

When it comes to retirement funds, wise investments can ensure a sound financial future.   Benchmarking then becomes essential as a means of  decreasing risks and making sound choices.

The first aspect of this would of course be risk assessment and how to get the biggest return for your dollar.  This would of course require benchmarking as it would involve evaluating and reviewing  the "what is working" paradigm.

For the average Boomer benchmarked can be coupled with a solid financial plan that takes into account the following:

•    Your goals and aspirations--what do you hope to achieve
•    Assessing your financial inventory  and income
•    Ensuring you have an understanding of how your retirement benchmarks are evaluated

With this in mind, it pays to locate invesment planners who recognizes the importance of benchmarking.  This alongside a healthy respect for what you, the client, needs, is what can make all the difference in how happy, as well as secure, your retirement is.


Retirement should be a time to enjoy life, not worry over the small things.   With retirement planning  benchmarks in place, you can be one step closer to that goal.

At Lamon and Stern, we are well versed in the benchmarks that lead to solid retirement investing.  Contact Lamon and Stern online to learn more about retirement benchmarks and other all important  aspects of planning that can  establish firm financial foundations.

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